Brass Bidet Faucet in Chrome-83602

Brass Bidet Faucet in Chrome 83602

Bidet faucets are a modern alternative to toilet cleanup. Used for generations, the Bidet is gaining worldwide popularity, as an additional method of cleanup in daily toilet usage. Modern designers have taken the time-proven techniques of a pressurized water spray and classic styling to give the homeowner a usable and inexpensive Bidet faucet. Buyers can choose from over the rim or vertical bidet spray faucets in a variety of styles, finishes and lever styles.

Bidet faucets are renowned globally for its artistic and innovative designs. These are offered in a compelling range of styles, colors and materials to accommodate individual aesthetics and tastes in decor. Bidet faucets, moreover, are the perfect complement to other bathroom fixtures, creating a coordinated look for the entire bathing environment.

Sanliv Bidet Faucet 83602 Finishes
Bidet faucets usually feature solid brass and zinc die-cast construction for years of reliable performance. These materials provide greater strength and durability than the plastic bodies of competitive faucets, and ensure a strong base for a beautiful array of lustrous finishes. Other materials used to produce bidet faucets are porcelain, chrome, glass, metals and ceramic in endless combinations. Some of the popular metals used are brass, copper, aluminum, cast iron, wrought iron etc., all coming in a variety of finishes such as antique, lacquer, patina, rusted, silver-plated and polished.

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