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You’ve spent years of hard work just to earn that beautiful and dream bathroom and now your chrome faucets look uglier than ever. It’s a common problem by many homeowners. Chrome faucets lose their shine and elegance as years pass by. Problems associated with this can actually be attributed to how the home owner takes care and maintains bathroom faucets and fixtures. In such case as chrome faucets, there are important things in caring and maintaining that one should remember.


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Two of the most common brands in the chrome faucet market are Delta and Danze. These brands are epitomized by the quality and durability of their chrome faucets. For a Delta faucet chrome is such as delicate finishing that the manufacturer and its dealers always pay close attention in educating customers on the proper care and maintenance of their products. The same also goes with a Danze chrome faucet. Danze faucet makers see to it that they do not only provide the best products but also helpful information from installation to maintenance.

Most of the chrome faucets manufactured today are finished manually. That means each product is carefully and personally finished to perfection. However there are some cases that, because of the imperfection of human hands, certain products may have minor hue variation. Do not attempt however to put or apply any solution to even the color of the faucet’s finish. This happens very rarely but if you received a product with an uneven chrome finishing make sure to bring it back to your dealer right away. To avoid such things from happening, always inspect your faucets before going to the counter.

Some products do not allow the use of plumber’s putty. A plumber’s putty is used as sealing agent during installation of chrome faucets. Using such sealant might not only deface your faucet but it might also void its finish warranty. To be safe and sure, ask your dealer about the details of the faucet finish warranty. Some dealers require the use of a sealing agent called silicone sealant as an alternative to the plumber’s putty.

Avoid using ammoniated or abrasive cleaning solutions on your faucet’s finish. To get rid of accidental sprays or drips of these agents when you clean your mirror, or bathroom tiles, cover your fixtures and chrome faucets with a dry towel or a cellophane.

Water spots are a huge contributor to an ugly chrome faucet. Avoid droplets of water to dry on your faucet. Use a clean towel or cloth to dry up these droplets. You may also use a gentle detergent or a non-abrasive soap to clean up dried water spots. Spots are created because water source can have mineral contents that are left when water dries up.

Because chrome faucets are subject to wear and tear, care and maintenance should be made in at least a weekly basis. But it all depends anyway on how frequent you use your faucets. To maintain the original look of its finish, use spray or wax or liquid wax to protect the finish against water droplets and accidental scratches. Some faucet designs come with detachable parts for easy cleaning, so make sure every inch of your faucet is as brilliantly shiny when it was bought.

You may have not noticed it but the best chrome faucets in the market are those with very high price tags. Why would you choose a $100 chrome faucet when you can buy something half of that price? The high price, though, will be worth it since a chrome faucet costing less than $50 will not last for years. But even with an expensive chrome faucet, lasting shine is not guaranteed. The way you maintain your faucets, whether they are gold and chrome Jacuzzi bathtub faucets, will be reflected on how shiny and suave your faucets look.

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