Electric Tankless Water Heater Faucets: instant hot water taps

Faucet manufacturer Sanliv announced a new instant hot water tap also called Electric Tankless Water Heater faucet.  The Electric Tankless Water Heater faucets meet the qualification of CE. Check instant hot water faucet pictures,  Electric Tankless Water Heater faucets photos online.

Electric Tankless Water Heater faucets
Features:With water-incoming hose
1.Fashionable and modern design
2.Multi Safety protectors to prevent electric leakage 3.can be adjusted from 0 to 60 degreen.

Product Details:
Rated Voltage:220v
Rated Power:2200w/3000w
Packing details:
Box:30*26.5*11.5cm / Carton:58*28*61cm / 10pcs/ctn

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