How to Install Bathroom Vanity Bar Light Over a Mirror

The bathroom is one room in your home where sufficient, quality lighting is essential. But how to Install Bathroom Vanity Bar Light Over a Mirror? The best lighting arrangement in the vanity area is to have the bath vanity light centered above the mirror and a wall sconce on each side of the mirror. This arrangement will reduce shadows in the mirror and provide optimal lighting for shaving, applying makeup and other personal grooming tasks.

1. Most standard bathroom mirrors are an average of 36″ inches long. For this size mirror, a bath vanity bar of 24″ long should be sufficient.

2. Bath vanity lights should be placed approximately 75″ inches from the floor. Placement depends upon the height of the vanity and the height of the mirror. The mirror should be approximately 75% of the vanity width and the light should be approximately 75% of the mirror width.

3. Lighting manufacturer’s use the term “Height from Center Opening (HCO) in fixture measurements. The HCO gives you the measurement from the center to the top of the backplate. This will assist you in determining if your vanity light will fit into the location of the existing junction box, given height of the mirror, wall, and fixture. You may have to repaint or repair the wall if the backplate is significantly different than the existing fixture.

4. Most bath vanity lights may be installed up or down. Installing the fixture with the lights facing downward will provide better lighting than installing the fixture with the lights facing upward.

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