Repairing Kohler Single Handle Washerless Faucet

The most common design of Kohler washerless faucets is a single handle “˜cartridge faucet’.  Repairing a leaky Kohler Single Handle Cartridge Faucet get much easer. Leaks can occur because of a faulty or worn-out O-ring or cartridges inside the handle assembly.

To disassembly a leaking cartridge faucet, use a small screwdriver to pop off the decorative cap on the faucet, and unscrew the single screw underneath to remove the handle assembly. Pull the cartridge up and out; mineral deposits can sometimes cement the cartridge into place, but needlenose pliers and determination are usually all you need to get it out. Take it with you to the hardware store, along with the O-ring, and buy exact replacement parts.

Reassemble your Kohler cartridge faucet by retracing your steps, and be sure to position the new cartridge with the red “˜ear’ facing forward. If hot and cold are reversed after you’ve replaced the cartridge, you’ll need to take the handle assembly apart again and turn the cartridge around 180 degrees.

After you’re finished with your faucet repair, turn your water back on. As long as you’ve tightened up all the parts correctly as you put your faucet parts back together, you should now hear the sound of a properly functioning faucet – silence!

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